10 Things I Learned From My Mom


Growing up, I always thought my mom was too hard on my sister and I. I was raised by a single mother, which meant longer lectures and non-stop advice on what to do when I grow up. Now that I am an adult and I FINALLY get it! I understand all of the lessons and the reasons behind all of the lectures. I know now that I am now the woman I am today because of these lessons below. In honor of Mother’s Day, I will be sharing 10 things I learned from my mom.


  1. No one can take your education from you.

Education is huge in my family. I grew up being told “after you go to college” or “once you graduate.” It wasn’t really an option for me, it was engraved in my brain since I was a little girl. I thank my mom every day for making that a necessary step in my life because it’s true no one can take my education from me. I earned it! I am now proud to say I am a first-generation Latina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, and I owe all to my mother.


  1. Present yourself well.

Being a first-generation Latina, breaking through the barriers can be hard, that is why my mom always told my sister and I to present ourselves well. This includes dressing for an interview, for work, for school or a social gathering. She would always encourage us to prove all of the people doubting us wrong and present ourselves the best way possible.


  1. Spread your wings and fly.

My mom is my biggest advocate, any crazy idea that I tell her I have, she responds with yes, do it, no tengas miedo (don’t be scared)! Growing up, she would always encourage me to leave the nest and go on whatever adventure life takes me. Because of her I choose to take risks even if they terrify me and soar for something that is not in my reach because I have nothing but time to lose!


  1. Always remember where you came from.

Growing up, I was always told to become someone great and to reach new heights my parents were not able to reach but to always stay grounded and remember where I came from. Always remember your roots and never forget where you came from.


  1. Be forgiving.

My mom often taught us to be the first to apologize and forgive a person because there is no use in holding on to any of that negativity. Life is too short to hold onto something for too long, always be forgiving.


  1. Keep your word.

Cuando das tu palabra, cumple la. Once you give someone your word, keep it. Don’t give someone your word if you are not reliable or if you know you cannot be there in the way they need you to be. This lesson is huge for my mom, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told this!


  1. Treat everyone with the same amount of respect.

Regardless of race, occupation, income, gender, you must treat everyone with the same amount of respect. Everyone is worthy.


  1. Walk in a room like you own it!

Even if you know you are under qualified for a position or under dressed for an occasion, you must walk into the room like you own it. This means walk in the room with all of the confidence in the world, even if you know you are faking it. People will notice your confidence and look past the rest!


  1. Appreciate your loved ones.

My mom always says “this world is not promised, it can be cut short any second” that is why we should appreciate our loved ones. This is also why we shouldn’t duel on old wounds or let arguments linger for too long.


  1. Be true to yourself.

Own who you are and never try to be anyone other than yourself. My mom always encouraged me to be content with myself and never try to be anyone else because there is no one in this world like me.


In honor of Mother’s Day, share things you have learned from your mother or a mother figure in your life with us. We love to hear from our Queens and how they have become the extraordinary women that they are today. Head to our Instagram @flordemariacollection and send us a DM! Happy Mother’s Day, Queens!

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