A Simple Guide on How to Walk in Heels

As you know, FLOR DE MARIA is ALL about heels. We love our flats and boots, but we take pride in our heels. The key to wearing heels the right way is being able to strut in them.
Start off on a smaller heel. Our BERENISE mule is a perfect example. Before taking your shoes out on the town, practice walking and doing activities at home. Play some music, walk down your hall, and dance a little! Don’t rush the process. Walk and move slowly, and once you get the hang of it, you know what to do!
Eventually, work your way up the heel ladder. If you need, try a thicker heel as you add height for your shoes. This way, you can get comfortable with balance and pace. If you need a FLOR DE MARIA option, ISABEL is a medium-height pump that will get you on the right track.
Once you think you have your walk down, and you’ve even tried it in public a few times, you’re ready for anything. FLOR DE MARIA has the best heels for comfort and style. Try our newest additions CLAUDIA TAN, JESSI GREEN,  JESSI CORAL and PANDORA RAINBOW to show off your moves. 
It’s all about practice, Queen and reminding yourself of your beauty and power! Walking in heels is a talent and a mission, and FLOR DE MARIA has your back.

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