Celebrating our CEO and Founder Flor de Maria Rivera

In honor of our Queen, Founder and CEO Flor de Maria Rivera's birthday this Thursday we will be celebrating and sharing her career milestones and how she started her namesake brand we all love SO MUCH, FLOR DE MARIA.
Our fabulous CEO and Founder, Flor de Maria, started her career in Sports in  '99 after graduating from the University of San Diego.
Yes, that's right, she was not always in fashion! She was a Sports Producer, Reporter and Anchor at Telemundo and later on worked at Univision as well
She was also a Sports Writer for multiple media outlets and a Sports Commentator for a few radio shows!
In 2007, Flor de Maria left her career in TV to become a Publicist! Yes, that's right she became the Communications Manager for the San Jose Earthquakes, a Major League Soccer team based in the Bay Area.
While her time there, she was in charge of Public Relations and Community Relations for the team.
You could also find her in charge of the MEDIA at many International soccer games!
In July 2010, Flor de Maria launched her bilingual fashion blog, Flor de Maria FashionBelieve it or not she started her blog as a hobby and it was the blog that later on, changed her live forever!
Who remembers her blog and outfit pictures?
Driven to accomplish her dreams in the fashion industry, Flor de Maria quit her job as a Publicist in 2011.
She moved to NYC with no job in sight, with nothing but BIG DREAMS! We know deep down she wanted to be the Latina Carrie Bradshaw ha, ha, ha (don't tell her I say so). 
Only three months after moving to NYC, Flor de Maria was featured in People en Español  as a COVER GIRL! She says she still can't believe that ever happened! 
And a couple of months later she had a two-page spread in Cosmo for Latinas! It was as if all her dreams were coming true ... Around this time is when her blog took off and she started working with many well-known brands. 
Flor de Maria attending New York Fashion Week
Who remembers her rooftop pictures? 
Flor de Maria continued to work on TV but not in Sports anymore. She was and still is often seen doing Beauty and Fashion segments across the country for multiple  TV networks.
In 2017, Flor de Maria sat at Vasona Park in Los Gatos, reading a book and eating her favorite ice cream, when all of a sudden, she had a vision! It was right there and then, that she decided it was time to start her very own shoe line ... 
Later that year, Flor de Maria was accepted into a Stanford Business Program. She knew what she was good at, but she also knew that she didn't have much experience running a business, so she wanted to learn and what better placed to do it, than STANFORD!
A couple of months following graduation, she enrolled at Arsutoria School in Milan, Italy.  one of the top shoe design school in the world. She knew that if she wanted to launched her shoe line she had to learn from the best, and she did! 
While her time in Italy Flor de Maria traveled the country to find inspiration for her shoe line. Did you know that SEASON 2 was inspired by ITALIALa Dolce Vita!
After completing school in Italy, Flor de Maria traveled to Mexico and other parts of the world in search of manufacturers for her soon-to-be brand. 
In October of 2019, Flor de Maria launched her namesake brand we all LOVE, FLOR DE MARIA!
Happy Birthday, Flor, thanks for inspiring us all to dream BIG! Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us.  Although it was not easy, it sure was worth it! We hope you celebrate in your favorite FLOR DE MARIAS! 
Flor de Maria Team

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