How To Style the Hottest Summer Sandals!

Hey, Queen!

It’s summertime and we are ready to get styling with Danella and Miranda, part of Flor de Maria’s Season 4 collection. Between their bold colors and strappy sandal look, the perfect summer outfit is not completed without Danella and Miranda! Let’s style them. 

Danella is elegant and sexy. Wear her for a cute brunch!

Danella is famous for her colors. Wear her in Coral with a matching dress to emphasize that pop of coral, red and pink hues. If you want to go for a classy meal, add some gold jewelry with a pair of neutral-colored sunglasses. Danella will make you feel like royalty for your dining adventures.

Danella shows up for nightlife!

The special thing about Danella is that she can be worn day and night! If you are energized for a night filled with drinking and dancing, spice Danella up! Wear her in yellow with a bright colored dress to be the spotlight at the club. Pairing bold colors together with some sparkling jewelry and a simple bag is not only a statement but radiates your beautiful glow!

Miranda perfects the street style.

Miranda is a staple for the gold chain trend, and you will standout when walking down the streets. Whether it be for running errands, meeting a friend for coffee, or shopping, Daniella makes you look cool and sleek. Wear Miranda in Yellow with distressed jean shorts, a t-shirt of your favorite band, and gold jewelry to create a cute and casual look.

Miranda is the ultimate attraction. 

Because Miranda can be worn with or without the chain, she’s ready for every occasion. Miranda in Pink is flirty and fun, the go-to for a date night. Put on a bodysuit with a shimmy shake over it, showing off your sexy legs but staying classy. Style your hair in a sleek bun, and pair the fit with a crossbody and layer your favorite necklaces and bracelets. There is no doubt that you will be planning your next date by the end of the night.

These are only few outfit ideas of many because you are the one who knows your style best. If you feel good in the fit, then you will look just as good. It’s all about confidence and Queenhood, with a little help from Flor de Maria!



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