Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

Queens, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Let's get our drink ON! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our Queenhood with Flor de Maria-inspired cocktails! YES, we're talking shoes AND drinks! 
If you LOVE a good kick of chili in your drinks, this one is FOR YOU! This drink is very easy to make and you're sure to have the ingredients already in your kitchen! 
Next, we have our MELODY margarita! This drink is perfect if you love a splash of fruit in your drinks! The kick of PEAR gives it a fruity twist!
Last but certainly not least, we have our MIRANDA Margarita! This drink is what you would call your classic go-to margarita! It's a perfect balance! Not too sweet, NOT too bitter! 
Give our recipes a try, Queen! Let us know what you think of them via Instagram! 

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