Flor de Maria on Harper's Bazaar Thailand

Guess who’s on Harper’s Bazaar Thailand?
As if our week could not get any better, guess who made it on to Harper’s Bazaar Thailand? Yes, Queens, it’s Flor de Maria! Check out the beautiful Christine Chiu slaying in the red ELVA sandals.
Christine Chiu is known for producing the Bling Empire, a Netflix original, as well as being a cast member on the show.
Christine is slaying in this orange gown and red Elva sandals. She looks stunning. ELVA red is our sexy and timeless sandal that features a PVC band and metallic red leather ankle straps. She also comes with extra padded insoles like all of our shoes do.

We are so happy to see our shoes in Harper’s Bazaar Thailand and on Christine Chiu






Who is missing ELVA? I know we are! Let us know if you would like to see more of ELVA perhaps in another color, send us a DM via Instagram with your thoughts! We love to hear from our Queenhood!

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