Let’s Style the Elvita Sandal

Hey, Queen. Welcome to our How-to-Style blog, here we will talk about all things style. Today we’ll be styling our first flats ever, Elvita. Elvita is perfect for dressing up or dressing down, let me show you how we style Elvita.



Dress Elvita Down 

Elvita looks perfect paired with your favorite denim jeans. Once you have selected the perfect jeans, add your favorite blouse. We added a mauve silk crop top to bring out the essence of Spring. Last, we added our favorite mini gold hoops to make the look pop. Don’t forget to add your favorite jewelry, Queen!


Dress Elvita Up

This look is perfect for a day in the office (if the pandemic allows it) or a meeting with your co-workers. Begin with a pair of plain black wide-leg pants - they go with everything! Next, add a white or a colorful blouse, either will go perfect with your white or black ELVITAS! 


Dress Elvita for Spring

This look is all about Spring. On the West Coast, the days are getting warmer and warmer. We can’t wait to bring out our sundresses! Pair your white Elvitas with your favorite mini sundress. For this look, we went with a black and white floral mini dress. Once you have selected the dress of your choice, add your black tote bag. Once you have selected a bag, grab your favorite sunglasses. For this look, the bigger the shades, the better!

How would you style your white Elvitas? Let us know, Queen! We love seeing how our Queens style our shoes!

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