Match the Mask to the Shoe

Just because we are still in a pandemic, doesn't mean we can't look FABULOUS! Queens, today we're talking about MASK FASHION! Let's start with CLAUDIA, she looks best with a pink mask! She also looks good styled with a mint or a white mask. 

Next, we have MIRANDA! MIRANDA in pink can be used as a neutral tone! We think she looks best in floral printed masks! She can also look fabulous in a lilac or coral mask!

ELVITA is next on our list! ELVITA in white goes wonderfully with ANYTHING! We love her because she can be styled fabulously with neon tones, pastels, neutral tones, you name IT!

Up next, we have PANDORA! PANDORA looks perfect in lighter tones such as white and yellow! She also looks great with a light pink mask!

Now, let's talk about DANELLA! DANELLA is a bright and fun shoe. She goes best with a fun tone such as peach! You can also style her with a nude or coral mask!

Last, we have ELVITA in black! Just as versatile as ELVITA white, you can style her with SO many options! ELVITA in black looks best with a black, white or nude mask! 

What masks are you rocking with your Flor de Maria shoes this Summer? Share your photo with us via Instagram! 

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