Memorial Day Inspired Cocktails

Hi, Queen! We have a special treat for you! To celebrate Memorial Day, we have created shoe-inspired drinks for you! 
This PANDORA-inspired Piña Colada is perfect if you love hints of pineapple and coconut! This recipe is perfect for a sweet and icy cocktail!
This CLAUDIA-inspired Mint Mojito is a minty and refreshing cocktail. This cocktail is perfect if you love a refreshing drink with a hint of mint!
This DANELLA-inspired cocktail is our take on a raspberry spiked lemonade! This cocktail is perfect if you love hints of berries!
This is our MIRANDA-inspired cocktail, it is a Grapefruit Moscow Mule! This cocktail is unlike any Moscow mule because it includes grapefruit. Try this drink if you love a kick of fruit in your drinks!

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