Nail Inspo for Fourth of July!

Hey, Queen!

Fourth of July is coming up, and it’s always fun to get a mani-pedi to be part of the celebration. Here are some nail decoration ideas to get you looking festive in your Flor de Maria shoes!

Now, these ideas can be for your nails or toes, it is completely up to you! However, I think you want your toes looking just as good as your shoes do.

A nail set that pairs nicely with white would be a blue base and a star nail art! If you can get fine detailing, try layering the star with red and white. This design would go beautifully with KELLY in White! She will show off your nail art while making your legs look sexy!

If you are wearing a nude heel like PANDORA the colors of the flag will be very complimentary to the neutral shoe color. Try a white base with red stars! If you can, try and add some gold detailing to match Pandora's gold hardware!

Lastly, for a red nail, try a black shoe like ELVITA Paint a red base and add a simple design of white and blue hearts. This minimal nail art will make for a perfect cute and casual outfit.

Celebrate Independence Day with the perfect nails! Which one is your favorite? Tell us via Instagram, and have a wonderful day with friends and family, Queen!  

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