The Perfect Date Night at Home

Are you looking for a romantic evening with your significant other?
 While some spots that could be perfect date night spots are opening up. Today, I will walk you through the perfect date night all in the comfort of your home.
Step 1: Tidy Up
Make sure your home is in tip-top shape for your date night. Now is the time to deep clean. We want to ensure your home is clean for your guest. Put on your best clean-the-house playlist (or whatever your favorite cleaning jams are) and get to cleaning, Queen! Check out the playlist Cleaning Kit en Español on Spotify
Step 2: Decisions, Decisions
Be sure to decide ahead of time what you want to do during your date night. We suggest picking food, wine, a movie and a game. For dinner, we recommend something fun and light. Grab your favorite pizza or cook up your favorite easy meal. Next, grab your favorite wine (if you wish). After the food selections are out of the way, select a movie you can watch after dinner. We recommend picking one ahead of time so you do not awkwardly scroll through Netflix (we’ve all been there, let’s be real).
Step 3: OOTN (Outfit of the Night)
Now, let’s talk outfits! Based on what you have prepared for your date night, pick your outfit. Need some outfit inspiration? Check out How to Dress Up for Date Night a Home!
Don’t forget to add your Flor de Marias!
Step 4: Set the Mood, Queen!
Go all out with this step! Grab whatever you think will set the mood for you and your significant other. We recommend dim lighting. You can do this with candles or using fewer lights. The candles will also add the scent to the room, so be sure to pick your favorite blend. Not sure which candle to select? Browse these Seven romantic candle scentsPick the one best for your date night. Don’t forget to play your favorite playlist on Spotify for some nice background noise. 
Just because your date night is in the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic. Let us know how you spice up your at-home date nights, Queen!
Sources: Images free to use courtesy of PEXELS and also Pandora Amoratis and Kelly Saks 


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