Drinks on Flor de Maria this Cinco de Mayo

Drinks on Flor de Maria this Cinco de Mayo
Celebrate this Cinco de Mayo with Flor de Maria! We have a special treat for our Queens this Cinco de Mayo, it involves your favorite Flor de Marias and LOTS of tequila! Check out our Flor de Maria infused margarita recipes below! Let's get the party started, Queen!
The Miranda margarita is classic and oh so delicious! It is easy and quick to make with a few easy-to-find ingredients. You may already have MOST ingredients in your fridge! 
The Melody margarita is fruity and sweet! If you are a fan of pear-infused drinks this drink is your best friend this Cinco de Mayo! 
"Add a little bit of spice!" The Pandora margarita is refreshing and has a bit of a kick with the chile and lime rim salt. If you love a hint of spice in your drinks, this margarita is for you! 
Give our take on margaritas a taste this Cinco de Mayo and be sure to tag us via Instagram on your very own margaritas! We wish you a relaxing day full of margaritas. Cheers, Queen!

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