The Perfect Pedi to Match the Perfect Shoe

Queens, Summer is right around the corner! Do you know what that means? Your Pre-Orders for this Season's HOTTEST shoes will soon be on the way! So, we have decided to bring out our favorite pedicures for a few SEASON 4 favorites! Let's match the pedi to the shoe, Queen!
Miranda sandal
MIRANDA is chic and sexy with the addition of a stunning gold anklet. We think pastels go perfect with MIRANDA because of its neutral tone. While wearing MIRANDA choose a pink, lilac or mint polish for a fun and flirty look! 
Danella sandal
DANELLA is the hottest shoe this Summer for its rich coral hue and sexy straps! DANELLA is BOLD and SEXY so vibrant colors match with her beautifully. DANELLA looks perfect with a coral, light nude and yellow polish! 
Claudia sandal
CLAUDIA is our latest drop and most unique thus far with its two tones of mint and pink! CLAUDIA is sure to make a statement this Summer! She looks perfect in a white, pink or mint polish!
How would you match the pedi to the shoe, Queen? Let us know which colors you are rocking this Summer with your SEASON 4 favorites! We love to hear from our Queenhood, don't be shy send us a DM or share your pedis in your favorite Flor de Marias!


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