From Perú to the THE TODAY SHOW!

I'm truly honored and proud to share that I will be on The Today Show tomorrow sharing my journey, not just as a CEO and Founder of Flor de Maria, but as an immigrant from Peru and what it took to get here.

To that little girl who left everything she knew and moved to the US with her family when she was 14 ... who would have thought you’d be in one of the biggest shows in the country!

I hope that by sharing my journey, you realize that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and that you can re-write as many chapters as you wish. I hope that you believe in yourself and chase every single dream you have; regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity and age.

My ultimate goal and mission in life is to inspire at least one person and open doors for those who come along side or after me.

Thank you The Today Show for seeing something in me, for thinking my story is worth telling, and for giving me a space where I can share my journey hoping to inspire other people.

Thank you God and thank you to my amazing parents because without them I would not be here nor I would be who I am today. They sacrificed so much for us and I will never be able to repay them. Thank you to my family for being my rock. Thank you to every single person who’s given me an opportunity along the way. Thank you to my team at FLOR DE MARIA. Thank you to my close knit of friends who have hold me down and been there. And thank you to those who never believed in me, I truly appreciate it, becuase it gave me fuel and push me to work even harder, so for that I’m thankful

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