"My shoes have an inherent magnetism that draws attention and ignites desire. They are the statement piece that sets the stage for a woman to captivate the world with her confidence and allure."

Flor de Maria Rivera - Founder and Creative Director


At Flor De Maria, we believe in the transformative power of footwear. Our mission is to create luxury women's shoes that elevate and inspire, instilling a sense of unstoppable confidence in every woman who takes a step in our shoes.

Headquartered in the energetic San Francisco Bay Area, Flor de Maria has evolved into a symbol of empowerment for women. Our Peruvian-born founder, Flor de Maria Rivera, meticulously oversees the entire creation process of our footwear, from initial sketches to sourcing choice materials and meticulous craftsmanship, no detail goes overlooked.

We pride ourselves on exquisite craftsmanship incorporating features for extra comfort and durability. We prioritize choice materials and exquisite craftsmanship. and the use of sumptuous leathers and occasionally embellishing our designs with exquisite, high-quality stones, adding elegance and sophistication to our creations. 


Since our founding in 2019, our footwear has caught the attention of Hollywood, gracing the feet of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Jenna Ortega, Cameron Diaz, and Jada Pinkett-Smith on iconic red carpets. Rivera established a distinguished luxury brand that celebrates femininity, beauty, and comfort. Our captivating collections, which include classic stilettos, crystal-bedazzled sandal heels, flat sandals that have garnered a reputation for elegance and affordability, and combat boots crafted from fine leathers that radiate urban chic.

Our clientele leads a fast-paced lifestyle, navigating corporate teams, memorable evenings with friends, and glamorous destinations worldwide. They exude confidence and style, and we are honored to be part of their journey. Our shoes promise comfort without sacrificing style, effortlessly transitioning a woman from the office to dinner. 

Beyond being a luxury shoe brand, Flor de Maria symbolizes self-expression, strength, and individuality. We design for every woman who shares our vision of embracing life with grace, confidence, and impeccable style. Join us as we redefine luxury footwear and empower women so that she can look and feel her best, confident every step of the way.